InfraMarker RFID Smart Phone app

InfraMarker 4.0 Smartphone App

Locating and managing underground assets just got a whole lot easier!

InfraMarker® System 4.0 mobile application improves marking, mapping and management of utility lines and features. Using standard Android or iOS smart devices, the upgraded application incorporates sub-meter GPS marking, supports addition of pictures, video, and includes activity time stamping for audit and management compliance. The new release offers more powerful user management controls and improves data exporting for easier GIS integration. 

The InfraMarker Mobile App 

The InfraMarker Mobile Software solution includes all that you need to mark, map, and manage your world. The InfraMarker mobile app is an affordable, easy start solution that allows you to save and share all the asset information that you want.

The app stands alone or can be packaged with other InfraMarker products to provide a complete RFID infrastructure marking system.   

Core benefits:    

  • Easy and intuitive mobile and mapping software 
  • Add photos, video, documents, or other records in the field or the office
  • Easy export to the customer’s GIS 
  • Real-time integration with field and office speeds information sharing
  • Ability to manage who can add or edit your data
  • Includes date/time/user stamp to support audit and field management needs
  • Standard marking templates available for easy start
  • Able to read/write physical markers with RFID in the field for easy field asset verification
  • Supported by Berntsen International – recognized for customer service and marking of infrastructure for over 45 years


InfraMarker Field Mobile Solution Frequently Asked Question's

Can I capture high precision GPS coordinates?

Yes. The InfraMarker Mobile app begins with the GPS coordinates that are captured through your smartphone but can be easily enhanced with high precision GPS marking equipment.

Can I export my data?

Yes. The data that you capture in the field can be exported in numerous file formats.   

I have other employees or even contractors that I use to mark infrastructure points or locate underground assets. Can I give them access to my InfraMarker software?

Yes. Not only can you grant them access but you can revoke access at any time. You control who has access to your InfraMarker mobile software. This is a unique feature of the InfraMarker software. All users must have an InfraMarker license.   

Can I mark anything that I want?  

InfraMarker provides a set of standard templates that are available for most marking solutions. Custom templates can be made at an additional charge.    Contact our technical support staff to determine the best method to support your needs.

I want to get access to my field data when the work is conducted and not wait until it is brought back to the office. Does InfraMarker support this? 

Yes. As long as you have Internet access, the data that is entered in the field is immediately available to you through your InfraMarker System administration login. You can see what points were marked or read in the field as they occur.   

Who can benefit from InfraMarker?

The application is targeted for those who need to mark and map utility infrastructure. Utility managers, locating contractors, and engineering firms can benefit with the InfraMarker app.    

What are some other benefits are unique to the InfraMarker app? 

The InfraMarker mobile app includes the capability to read and write RFID tags in the field. Not only can you capture the field information that you need, but you can also leave a physical marker in the field that can help relocate and verify your asset. 

Who owns InfraMarker and how do I know that they will be around to support my future marking needs?

InfraMarker was developed and is being marketed by Berntsen International, a company that has been providing survey and utility markers for over 45 years.  Company products mark the boundaries of the nation.