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Out of sight and often out of mind, underground utilities—electricity, gas, water, telephone and high-speed Internet—are vital to our everyday life.  Yet every ten minutes an underground utility is damaged because someone digs without calling 811.


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IoT Goes Underground. It's time for providers' underground assests to be protected with tools that can save them time and money. 


Ground to Cloud Technology Innovation Improves Safety & Underground Pipeline ManagementAugust 2017 issue of the APWA Reporter, the official publication of the American Public Works Association.


Image of worker using RFID reader/writer to locate water main Sometimes it’s not the changes in a technology that make the biggest difference, but advances in the surrounding world that allow that technology to reach its greater potential. Such is the case today with radio-frequency identification (RFID) and underground locating.


Image of Office staff using InfraMarker admin software and mobile appThe benefits of innovation are not lost on Berntsen International CEO Rhonda Rushing or President Mike Klonsinski, especially after receiving the Geospatial World Excellence Award for technology innovation in Hyderabad, India this past January.


Berntsen receives Geospatial World Excellence Award for Innovation in Infrastructure MonitoringGeospatial Media and Communications is glad to introduce the winners of this year’s Geospatial Excellence Awards. The ceremony took place on January 25th, during the closing of Geospatial World Forum 2017, in Hyderabad, India. Dr. Vanessa Lawrence CB, Director-General and Chief Executive, Ordnance Survey presented the awards.


Underground Networks Revealed (Grading & Excavating)

Barbara HesselgraveJune 2017

Subsurface Utility Engineer reading RFID tag in open roadSearching for underground utilities has been transformed from educated guesswork, to space-age perfection in the last few decades. But the fact that anything exists underground in the first place offers an interesting backstory.


Bravo Environmental has buried approximately 100 InfraMarker tags to help it identity the locations of infrastructure, as well as the work performed at those areas.



Utility worker locating water asset using underground RFID tagsThe InfraMarker System 3.0 from Berntsen International provides an integrated infrastructure marking and verification solution, including a suite of above and below ground RFID marking products that enable precision locating in the field.


Reinventing a Wisconsin Family Business

Wisconsin Business VoiceJuly 2015

Smart markers could soon help forest rangers in national parks find lost hikers, or they could give engineers data on bridge corrosion.



Gavin SchrockApril 2015

An electronic handshake has brought together the worlds of automatic identification and capture (AIDC), geomatics, asset mapping, and infrastructure management.  


Interest in utilizing radio frequency identification (RFID) methodology to facilitate disaster recovery management has risen substantially in recent years, especially in coastal regions that periodically suffer catastrophic losses due to natural disasters such as hurricanes.


Next Generation RFID Underground Asset Management is Here!

Underground Focus MagazineJune 2014

The company says the new edition of its RFID-enabled solution will bring underground assets into the Internet of Things.


Underground Intel (POB Magazine)

Christine L. GrahlMarch 2012

RFID What's New This Year (ACSM Bulletin)

ACSM BulletinFebruary 2012

InfraMarker and Auburn University Win IT Award for Disaster Management Research

A research paper co-written by Berntsen International vice president Bill Rushing earned first place in the 2013 Society for Information Management (SIM) Paper Competition.

Bill Rushing and Dr. Chetan Sankar receive the SIM award from Dr. Mary SumnerThe paper, entitled "Critical Role of IT in Improving Disaster Management by Digitizing Utility Facility Objects (DUFOs)," focuses on how communities can use strategic IT solutions to more quickly recover from natural disasters, such as the hurricanes that ravaged the gulf shore and east coast in recent years.

It was written in collaboration with Auburn University'sCollege of Business Advisory Council Professor of Management Information Systems, Chetan Sankar. Rushing and Sankar accepted the Best Paper Award, which recognizes innovative business initiatives that use IT to drive measurable results, at SIM's 2013 SIMposium in Boston, MA.

The InfraMarker, Berntsen's innovative all-in-one underground RFID marking system, played a key role in gathering research for the paper. Sankar and a group of Auburn University students compared Global Positioning System (GPS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and the buried InfraMarker (which uses RFID technologies and precise magnetic detection) in each technology's effectiveness in locating and identifying buried assets. Read the whitepaper with all the details HERE.


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