Berntsen Patents Technology Behind the InfraMarker

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Berntsen Patents Technology Behind the InfraMarker

Berntsen Patents Technology Behind the InfraMarker

Earlier this January, Berntsen International Inc. was granted a patent for its inventive application of RFID and other technologies to the world of underground asset management.

The new patent describes a system capable of sharing and coordinating information in real time using RFID tags, virtual storage, and wireless linking capabilities to connect users in the field to a centralized database.

With similar systems currently available, InfraMarker presents a few unique differentiators outlined in the patent summary.

What makes InfraMarker unique

The Berntsen patent “provides a method of greatly expanding the amount of data that can be provided by RFID marker/tag and increasing access to that data by a system of ‘virtual storage’ that links each RFID marker/tag to a record of a central database that may be contemporaneously and wirelessly accessed.”

Berntsen’s InfraMarker System - built using the technology described in the patent – links information written to an underground RFID tag with a cloud database containing additional information about that asset.  The information is available in real-time to users in the field or at the office via a mobile app and web portal.  While similar systems focus on just one component of asset management, InfraMarker is the first to include RFID locating with field asset management as a truly comprehensive solution

Features cited in the patent include: 

●      “High data capacity for virtual storage in the RFID tag that may be readily accessed in the field.”

●      “Centralized storage of multiple RFID tag data from multiple vendors despite possible overlap in different RFID tag serial numbers.”

●      “A method of automatically generating a highly variable serial number suffix or prefix for creating a composite unique index key for linkage to a record of a central database.”

●      “Simple field-access to a rich data set related to the underground asset beyond the capacity of the typical RFID tag.”

●      “[Ability] to make contemporaneous additions to the records related to an underground asset with reduced chance of mis-recollection or miss-placing of notes.”

●      “[The] security necessary for protection of information about critical underground infrastructure.”

●      “Contemporaneous record collection near the tie when maintenance or inspection of underground assets occurs.”

●      “A central clearinghouse for information about underground assets enabling multiple field personnel working with different underground assets to receive up-to-date information about other underground assets in the area.”

●      “Automatic data logging of GPS location for confirmation of underground asset identity.”

More about the InfraMarker Solution Suite

The InfraMarker System combines a data collection mobile app, patented RFID tag technology, and cloud data management, to form an easy way to mark, locate, and manage necessary asset points.

InfraMarker benefits are significant.

·       Field equipment is light and easy to use.

·       Underground utility points are located faster and cheaper than ever.

·       The full data asset record is available in real-time to the locator and the administrator.

·       Berntsen’s UHF RFID tags are usable above and below ground to create a unified asset management system.

·       The audit trail included with every data change and tag interrogation supports effective management and compliance requirements. 

·       The mobile app is one of the easiest to use geo-locating/data collection apps available and is the only field application with RFID read/write capability.

Berntsen underground RFID tags are easily located and read thanks to the patented magnet-RFID combination design. While systems exist to trace underground utility lines, there are fewer options available to mark and relocate important asset points on the line such as valves, conflicts, or weld-points.


The InfraMarker app or tags are available separately or combined to form a state of the practice utility marking system.  


Click here to read the full Google Patent listing.

Interested in seeing InfraMarker in action? Click here to download the InfraMarker app from Google Play and sign up for a free 90-day trial at www.InfraMarker.com.

To learn more about the InfraMarker, visit www.InfraMarker.com, the InfraMarker Product Page, or.



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