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InfraMarker: A Smarter Underground Asset Management System Saving Municipalities Both Time and Money
Municipal construction projects aimed at improving infrastructure are often some of the most expensive public works programs carried out by municipalities of all sizes. This financial burden is only made worse by the often-unnecessary relocation of underground utilities during the planning stages of utility operations. When it comes to projects affecting large swaths of city land, decisions like these are usually the result of convenience rather than financial efficiency.
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RFID Journal Highlights New Features and Benefits of InfraMarker
Ease of use, new equipment, and exciting research are all part of a new article featured in the RFID Journal shedding light on the newest iteration of the InfraMarker system.
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It's Official!!! Next Generation InfraMarker System Now Available
Madison, Wisconsin, July 8, 2014 — Berntsen International® today introduced the InfraMarker™ System, a state of the art integration of RFID technology, magnetic locating technology, cloud data storage and mobile software to locate and manage underground utility infrastructure.
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Getting Started With InfraMarker: A Guide to the Official InfraMarker Website
Welcome to the official InfraMarker website. Here, you'll find a variety of resources to help you get acquainted with the InfraMarker RFID Infrastructure Marking System and all of the ways it can be used to improve underground asset management operations in a variety of applications.
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