InfraMarker Solution Suite for Infrastructure Marking

The InfraMarker Solution Suite includes all that you need to mark, map, and manage your underground infrastructure.     InfraMarker is the  most flexible and complete RFID infrastructure marking solution in the world by allowing the customer to use the IM components individually or packaged to support a full infrastructure marking solution.  

Core benefits:    

  • Complete plug and play RFID marking system – customer can use InfraMarker products individually or together to support their infrastructure marking needs
  • Reduces time for locating assets in the field
  • Easy and intuitive field use
  • Provides audit capability to meet regulatory needs
  • Real-time integration with field and office speeds information sharing
  • Easy export to the customer’s GIS 
  • Works for above and below ground asset marking – one RFID marking system for all assets 
  • Supported by Berntsen International – recognized for customer service and marking of infrastructure for 40 years

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use InfraMarker’s RFID-enabled markers without having to purchase the entire InfraMarker solution?

Yes.   InfraMarker (and Berntsen) RFID-enabled markers can be read and written to by any class 1, Gen 2 RFID reader.    The RFID-enabled markers are a value-add to Berntsen’s top quality marking products and are backed by the company’s 40 plus years of experience in ‘Marking the Infrastructure of the World.’     We sell our highly regarded above ground markers with RFID tags already incorporated so you don’t have to worry about placement in the field.  Our patented underground RFID enabled tags provide the best underground performance of any passive UHF tag in the market.   

Can I use the InfraMarker RFID readers to read/write other RFID class 1, gen 2 tags?

Yes.    Berntsen has tested and selected the best RFID readers for performance in the field so you can be sure that you will receive a top quality RFID reader whether it is used with the InfraMarker System or not.     However, the InfraMarker approved RFID readers are the only ones currently capable of operating with the InfraMarker mobile software so you would need to use these readers if you plan to take advantage of the InfraMarker infrastructure field software. 

Can I use the InfraMarker software without having to purchase the tags or readers? 

Yes.    You can use the InfraMarker software to mark key asset points in the field, assign attributes to that asset, take photos, and execute all of the InfraMarker mapping advantages without using the RFID-enabled tags or the RFID readers.   The InfraMarker mobile software is unique by including the ability to incorporate RFID reading and writing but it performs well as an infrastructure marking solution on its own.

Can I use the InfraMarker System Management software without the tags or readers?

Again, Yes.    The web-based InfraMarker System Management software is part of the InfraMarker software licensing package and allows you to use all of its exporting, data editing, permission access, security, and archiving capabilities.

I already have an ArcGIS platform for my infrastructure data management needs.   Why would I want InfraMarker?

InfraMarker’s tags, mobile software, and RFID readers provide the data collection, traceability, and verification in the field that adds to your GIS data layers.   InfraMarker field collected data is easily exported via KML to your current GIS.

Why do I need to place a RFID-enabled marker in the field if I already know the GPS coordinates of that asset?

There are a number of reasons for having a physical marker in the field.    First, the physical marker verifies the actual location in the field.    Whether the RFID enabled marker is on an “underground utility below’ post or is buried underground over a weld-point, the physical marker speeds locating and reduces risk.    Second, the RFID-enabled marker includes critical information that can be read in the field even when access to the Internet is not available.    Third, all InfraMarker RFID-enabled marker interrogation is captured and date stamped so you know that a true audit trail exists.   

I have contractors that I use occasionally to mark infrastructure points or locate underground assets.    Can I give them access to my InfraMarker software?

Yes.     Not only can you grant them access but you can revoke access at any time.     You control who has access to your InfraMarker mobile software.   This is a unique feature of the InfraMarker software.    All users must have an InfraMarker license.

I want to work with other utility owners in my area and display all of our asset points for locating.   Can I do that? 

Yes.    You can share your maps so that, for example, one locator can see the InfraMarker marked water lines and gas lines in the same area.      Contact our technical support staff to determine the best method to support your needs.

I want to get access to my field data when the work is conducted and not wait until it is brought back to the office.   Does InfraMarker support this? 

Yes.   As long as you have Internet access, the data that is entered in the field is immediately available to you through your InfraMarker System administration login.      You can see what points were marked or read in the field as they occur.  

Can InfraMarker read my 3M marker balls?   

No.   3M marker balls operate with lower frequency RFID.    The InfraMarker readers use Ultra-High frequency (915Mhz).    However, 3M marker balls can be marked using the InfraMarker software so that you can see the marker ball placements on the map along with your InfraMarker points.   Call our technical support to show you how to do this? 

Why would I want to use InfraMarker’s RFID-enabled markers instead of 3M marker balls or other underground RFID systems?

First, InfraMarker uses standard class 1, gen 2 RFID technology – the same technology used for tollway passes, retail marking, and many other applications including many asset management marking.     InfraMarker allows you to use the same RFID marking for above, surface, and below ground marking.   Second, InfraMarker equipment is light and easy to use in the field as opposed to heavier low frequency antennas and equipment.   Third, InfraMarker supports real-time field to office communication as opposed to the need to download 3M marker ball information from the field to a computer.

Do I have to place a physical RFID-enabled marker at every point?

No.   The InfraMarker software allows you to place a pin and capture asset attributes without having to place a physical marker.    The InfraMarker map will display the difference by highlighting a pin without the InfraMarker logo on it.    

What kind of RFID-enabled markers are available?

Many.    Patented below ground infrastructure markers.     RFID-enabled soil and curb markers.   RFID-enabled Carsonite posts.   Call us if you need RFID marking on a product that is not currently listed in our catalogue (www.berntsen.com/utilities) 

Who owns InfraMarker and how do I know that they will be around to support my future marking needs?

InfraMarker was developed and is being marketed by Berntsen International, Inc., a company that has been providing survey and utility markers for over 40 years.  Company products mark the boundaries of the nation.