InfraMarker System Management Services

In addition to all the ways InfraMarker makes it easier to mark and locate assets in the field, it also offers a variety of new ways to manage your data back in the office.

Add, remove, and track field users

With the click of a button, system managers can add new users, delete old ones and monitor their activity out in the field.

Preserve audit trails for all assets

InfraMarker keeps a complete history of all asset activity, making it easy to comply with regulatory audits.

Edit and add to field records

System administrators can access, edit and add to field records at any time.

Export data in multiple formats

Export InfraMarker data in KML or .csv file formats for use in third party systems.

Secure and archive records

InfraMarker keeps asset data secure and protected for archiving.

Share data with other organizations

InfraMarker supports multi-organization sharing of data.

Work directly from the web

InfraMarker can be accessed securely from any web browser.

The InfraMarker Advantage

Unlike other management software, InfraMarker is fully audit-ready, integrates seamlessly with existing GIS systems, supports multi-organization sharing and gives administrators the ability to grant and revoke access from user to user.


  * Ability to purchase additional blocks of asset record storage
** Free trial limits ability to invite other users or place assets for another organization

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