The InfraMarker Mission: To reduce the time and cost of locating, identifying, and mapping underground infrastructure 

Locating and identifying underground infrastructure like gas and sewer or fiber-optic lines, is costly, time consuming, and is not easily integrated into an infrastructure management system. The time to locate one point can vary from 30 minutes to several hours and delays in locating can often result in expensive excavation, repair, or construction efforts.

  • Existing as-built underground maps are often inaccurate or non-existent making it difficult for the subsurface utility locator to find an asset.
  • Current technology makes it difficult to precisely locate and positively identify a key asset point like a valve or a weld which results in larger and more costly hole digging efforts.      
  • Locators are asked to master challenging underground location solutions using multiple technologies and techniques.  This creates opportunities for error.   
  • The effort to make asset data visible for management decision-making does not occur in real time and is difficult to integrate into a  existing GIS systems. 
  • Facility managers who are responsible for infrastructure management have to manage both above ground and below ground assets often with systems that are incompatible. 
  • Smaller communities or utilities or land owners would like to have a geo-mapping infrastructure system but can’t afford the staff or technology solutions currently on the market.   

The InfraMarker Solution:

The InfraMarker System is a fully integrated, RFID-based, ground-to-cloud closed-loop system that streamlines the infrastructure locating, identifying, and mapping process. InfraMarker tags, reader, and software work together to deliver a low-cost solution for finding underground asset points, identifying that point, tracking the activity associated with that point, and geo-mapping that point. The InfraMarker System is easily integrated into the customer’s GIS system or can serve as a stand-alone, low-cost, auditable infrastructure geo-referencing system.  It is reliable, safe, and expandable to support future technology development and future customer needs.