InfraMarker for Oil & Gas


We realize gas and oil industry is fraught with constant change and innovation. That's why we've designed the InfraMarker Solution Suite to address these shifts by designing a safe, easy and reliable way to mark, map and locate assets both above and below ground.

Here are some of the biggest benefits the InfraMarker Solution Suite offers to Gas & Oil:

Faster asset location in the field

Whether it's responding to emergencies in the field or simply conducting routine maintenance, InfraMarker allows field technicians a faster and easier way to locate and identify assets anywhere they may be.

Easy, intuitive field use

InfraMarker combines easy-to-use hardware with equally simple-to-use software, reducing complexity for those in the field while giving them the power to do more than ever before.

Real-time integration between the field and office

While other asset management systems struggle to connect what's happening in the field to what's happening in the office, the InfraMarker allows for real-time monitoring and information sharing.

Easy export to GIS

InfraMarker integrates seamlessly with existing GIS software, eliminating the need for two systems while enhancing the power and capabilities of those you already use.

Above and below ground asset marking

InfraMarker combines above and below ground asset marking capabilities into a single system, making it possible to use a single management system for all of your assets.

Auditing capabilities to meet regulatory needs

As the gas and oil industry faces new regulatory challenges, those in charge of managing vital assets need a system capable of keeping detailed audit trails. InfraMarker does just that.

Solving the challenges of a more regulated future

In late 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) proposed a new set of regulations which could bring major changes to the way hazardous pipelines are managed around the country. This marked the first step in what appears to be a larger effort to improve safety and accountability around potentially dangerous assets like oil and gas pipelines.

Under the proposed regulations, better and more frequent testing would be used to closely gauge the condition of risky pipelines and establish stricter guidelines for repairing them when issues arise. New regulations like these are poised to create a whole new set of requirements around collecting and integrating data for audits and testing––requirements most existing management systems simply weren't built to address.

The InfraMarker Solution Suite solves these new regulatory challenges by combining RFID, magnetic locating, cloud data management and geo-locating software to support all subsurface systems including gas, oil, and other hazardous material pipelines while keeping comprehensive records to satisfy regulators every step of the way.