RFID-Enabled Markers

InfraMarker is the only RFID marking system to offer a fully connected infrastructure management solution for both above and below-ground marking.

InfraMarker-enabled underground RFID tags

Inframarker IM483B IM362B IM221B tagsInfraMarker's patented underground RFID tags are passive, Class 1 Gen 2 standard RFID tags, with attached stainless steel backing plates and magnets for extreme durability and easy locating. These tags are selected and tested by InfraMarker to deliver the best performance for underground reading using UHF.


IM221B: InfraMarker 221

Designed specifically for shallow depth, these tags can be read in concrete or asphalt. These tags are rugged enough to withstand heavy road use and extreme temperatures.


IM362B: InfraMarker 362

InfraMarker’s “standard” underground tag. The 362 performs well in standard conditions and depths.


IM483B: InfraMarker 483

The 483 is largest InfraMarker underground tag, designed to perform in the most difficult placement conditions.

InfraMarker-enabled Above Ground Markers

In addition to underground marking, InfraMarker can also be used to mark and map assets using above ground markers. These markers have been proven in the field and are used extensively throughout the world to mark underground utilities. When enabled with an InfraMarker RFID tag, these posts and markers can be read and written to using InfraMarker software just like a tag. InfraMarker is currently available on four types of above ground markers:

1. Carsonite Posts
2. Damage Prevention Markers
3. Storm Drain Markers
4. Soil Markers