Berntsen International, inc. Madison, Wisconsin

Who We Are

InfraMarker is a division of Berntsen International, Inc. – a company that has been "Marking the Infrastructure of the World" since 1972. Berntsen is the leading survey marking product firm in North America. Our products have been installed in over 100 countries, used in places as diverse as Mount McKinley to Death Valley, and are found almost everywhere that official boundary and geodetic marking takes place.

 Our experience with underground RFID dates to 2009 when we began exploring how RFID could enhance the marking of boundaries and infrastructure. During this time, we developed a number of new products and IP in this technology area. In 2012, we recognized that ‘location marking’ was giving way to  ‘communication marking’ in the next generation infrastructure marking. As a result, we established InfraMarker in early 2013 as a separate unit to lead this strategy.   
Over the last year, InfraMarker has worked with utility locating customers and engineering firms and  expanded partnerships with organizations such as Trimble MCS, Amigo Cloud, LSR technologies, Auburn’s Geospatial Research and Applications Center, and Planet Underground as a means to build integrated communication solutions for marking the infrastructure of the world. That research and those partnerships, coupled with our 45+ years of experience in serving the infrastructure marking world, have led us to the development of the first InfraMarker system solution.