Above ground utility pipeline

Locating and Reading the tag once placed

Locating Preparation 

The field technician heads out with an InfraMarker Standard or Extended System with InfraMarker software, a magnetic locator, and InfraMarker tags. The locator must have a ‘user’ level license permissioned by the infrastructure owner. All licensed InfraMarker users have access to the InfraMarker website of InfraMarker training videos, instructions, product updates, and user groups as well as the ability to order InfraMarker products and other locating products and order from the site.

Tag Geo-locating

The field technician logs in using the InfraMarker app which provides access to the InfraMarker website and the InfraMarker GPS mapping guide. The InfraMarker GPS map guides the locator to the latitude and longitude of the customer’s buried tags.  
The InfraMarker GPS map

  • Allows the field licensee to find tag by viewing color-coded pins representing InfraMarker tags on a map. The color codes correspond to APWA color standards for identifying underground infrastructure.      
  • Allows the field licensee to view the tag and location record information associated with that pin. 
  • Allows the field licensee to access other InfraMarker-held information linked to that asset such as recent photos or video records.  
  • Allows the field licensee to view other records and documents made available by the permissioning administrator.  

Tag Precision Locating

Once the field technician is guided to the approximate area with the InfraMarker GPS software, he/she views the location video to confirm the visual reference, and then sweeps the immediate surroundings with a magnetic locator to precisely locate the buried InfraMarker tag. The locator achieves a max ‘south’ magnetic reading with the locator and marks the precise point for tag reading.   

Tag Reading

The field technician places the InfraMarker antenna on the ground above the identified point or holds the Juno T41 over the identified point. The technician then selects the ‘read tag’ feature of the InfraMarker app to interrogate the located underground InfraMarker tag and verify the asset.    

The handheld Android controller reads the RF signal from the antenna and displays the tag information on the screen. The locator is prompted to ‘confirm tag read? (Y/N)’. Once the tag read is confirmed, the locator is asked if he/she wants to edit the tag. The technician can edit the tag, append new comments, photos, or videos to the record, or delete the tag record. The technician confirms the additions and a new record is created with the updated location comment, photo and voice data (if entered), a new read date/time, new user ID, and new handheld ID. The updated record is stored in the handheld and uploaded to the InfraMarker cloud.        

The field technician and excavation crew can then proceed with an action (e.g., simple verification of tag and asset location, marking a dig site for excavation, digging to visually confirm the asset point,) using the original photo of the asset in the hole as their guide. A disabled tag is identified in the record and removed from the GPS view option.  

Data Uploading

Each tag interrogation creates another record that is uploaded to the customer’s location in the InfraMarker cloud. This data is immediately available for download by the customer.