RFID utility tag for marking electric line

Equipment and preparation necessary to install, locate, and map InfraMarker

InfraMarker uses a 3-level approach for geo-data management. Data placed on the tag is intended to store information directly related to the underground asset and the tag position relative to the asset. Data collected in the field is intended to store information related to the tag’s position relative to other above ground assets (photo of asset in hole, video of surrounding terrain to assist in a relocate) and comments related to the installation or reading of that tag. Data added by the administrator is appended to the record and may include customer specific information, historical records, or other documents related to that geo-positioned asset. 

InfraMarker Tags

InfraMarker tags are standard Class 1, Gen 2 RFID tags that have been tested and approved by InfraMarker for use in infrastructure management applications. The InfraMarker tags are provided to the customer with a standard data schema that works with InfraMarker software.  
The standard data schema is set up as follows:

  • Asset Owner
  • Asset Type
  • Asset Function
  • Asset Material
  • Asset Feature
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Tag Install Date/Time stamp
  • Depth from Surface to Asset
  • Offset Direction & Distance

There are two types of InfraMarker tags: 

  •  InfraMarker tags that include an RFID tag, magnet, and steel backing designed for underground placement. These tags are the IM483B, IM362B, and concrete marker IM110B.     
  •  InfraMarker-enabled above ground marking products (Carsonite posts, soil markers, etc) with an RFID tag and magnet.

Handheld Data Record

The InfraMarker record is contained in the handheld and uploaded to the InfraMarker Cloud as a KML file in the following format:

  • Tag information
  • Handheld data information
    • Handheld Computer ID 
    • User ID from handheld logon
    • Date/Time Stamp of read
    • Comments [recommended to communicate information about the tag position relative to other landmarks or important information related to above ground location].  

Cloud Record

The InfraMarker Cloud stores every handheld record from every InfraMarker tag interrogation using the InfraMarker app. The Cloud record can be appended by the customer with information specific to InfraMarker management needs.     

InfraMarker Website 

The InfraMarker website collects registration information, controls user access for download and display, links to InfraMarker training and support material, and offers the customer the ability to purchase InfraMarker related marking products and support.   

Handheld Computer and RFID scanner options:

InfraMarker offers two field equipment options for its first generation introduction.     

  • The InfraMarker standard read system features an InfraMarker RFID reader/antenna controlled by an Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4 or S5) or an Android tablet (Samsung Tab of Nexus). This configuration is designed for reading tags in difficult conditions (greater depth or challenging soil conditions).
  • The InfraMarker system can also use the Juno T41 XGR Handheld Computer Android OS with built in RFID reader and GPS antenna. This combination is designed to work in most soil conditions with tags placed near the surface.

Magnetic Locator

The InfraMarker System includes a magnetic locator to precisely locate the spot above the underground InfraMarker underground RFID tag. InfraMarker recommends the Schonstedt magnetic locator.