InfraMarker Field Mapping Software

InfraMarker's field mapping software works seamlessly with our hardware and marking products to create a fully integrated infrastructure marking and locating system.

Core Features:

Rapid Asset Creation
Using our sophisticated and intuitive marking software, unique assets can be created in a matter of seconds.  InfraMarker® uses custom templates with data presets and automated GPS locating to make data collection as fast and user friendly as possible.  Designing specific, purpose driven templates allows you to streamline the data collection process and focus on important field work.  InfraMarker® is the best solution for storing asset records and maintaining data in a simple and timely manner. 

User Data Sharing
InfraMarker® users can invite or be invited to view asset data from another user's account.  Sharing this information is beneficial to everyone who owns utilities in the same location by reducing the risk of accidents during excavation.  This is key in preventing expensive repairs and also ensuring the safety of employees and civilians in the area.  With the ability to share information through InfraMarker®, you can now confidently plan a safe and efficient excavation by knowing where to dig and what to avoid.
Multimedia Integration
Along with the basic asset information, InfraMarker® has the ability to upload or link unlimited amounts of data to each point.  Users can store web links, photos, videos, or documents that relate to that asset point and view it in a real-time setting.  Field users could see excavation photos, material specs, maintenance logs, or even project plans for an entire site, all from one asset record.  Providing more information gives confidence to employees and helps prevent mistakes in the field.

Asset Organization
Improved efficiency is the end result when using InfraMarker.  With data filtering and search tools, users can locate which assets they are looking for quicker by organizing what is displayed on screen.  When applying filters, users can be as broad or as specific as needed in order to narrow in on what it is they are looking for.  Filtered results can be viewed in a common list view or dynamically using the InfraMarker map.  These organizational tools are key in improving day to day operations and they help set InfraMarker above all other asset management systems.

Easy Navigation
Commuting to different job sites is made even easier by using InfraMarker' s "navigate to asset" tool.  Each asset that is created can provide directions to its location using your phones navigation app.  If the correct GPS coordinates are tied to the asset, you can go from reading an assets details to driving to its location within seconds.  By compiling all the necessary steps to get you to a job site and recording the all the work that was done, you can see how InfraMarker is the best tool for improving work efficiency and storing important information.

No Hassle Hardware
InfraMarker uses simple hardware to make locating and managing data as quick and as easy as possible.  By having the most sophisticated part of the system running on your smart phone, you only have to use one additional piece of equipment to successfully read and write to our RFID tags.  The RFID reader is linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology.  Once linked, there is only one button that is used to either read or write to the tags.  By keeping the equipment simple, you avoid confusion and don't have to invest as much time in training to collect the data being stored.