Utility pipeline construction

Public & Private Utilities 

Utility infrastructure management is complex and costly. Challenges of maintaining and upgrading aging infrastructure, preventing damage from accidental hits, meeting regulatory requirements for more transparency and accountability, and integrating new technology into existing systems and practices are just a few of the things that keep utility managers awake at night.    

InfraMarker addresses these challenges. InfraMarker is a ‘Ground-to-Cloud’ integrated solution that solves challenges in the field while making life easier for the infrastructure owner. InfraMarker offers:   

  • Fast and precise underground point locating to reduce field cost and risk.  
  • Streamlined field equipment and intuitive software which leads to fewer mistakes, improved work satisfaction, and increased locating productivity.  
  • Real-time visibility of asset marking and maintenance to improve field data management.  
  • Location visibility that supports public transparency to reduce accidental hits while preserving customer's confidential information.    
  • Easy integration with the customer’s GIS that minimizes changeover effort.      

View our Getting Started page or simply contact us to see how InfraMarker can help your utility management efforts.