InfraMarker solution

How the InfraMarker System Works

To explain how the InfraMarker works, we’ve broken it down into the system’s three main components: 

  • Preparation and Installation
  • Placement and Writing
  • Locating and Reading.
Identifying the points to be marked and preparing the equipment ahead of installation is the first step to setting up the InfraMarker System. In the field, technicians can locate and identify specific geo-points and take photos or short videos using an InfraMarker-enabled smartphone or handheld device to document the asset and its surroundings. After documenting the point, an InfraMarker tag is written using the handheld InfraMarker device, then covered below the disturbance level and verified.

Any data such as new information about the tag, photos, videos, or comments added by the technician are automatically uploaded to the InfraMarker’s cloud storage system the next time a wireless Internet connection is made with the reader.

To locate the tag, field technicians use color-coded GPS pins to find the general area around the asset, and then pinpoint its precise location using a magnetic locator to find the tag itself. Once it’s located, the technician uses the handheld device to read the tag and confirm the location before digging. Records of each read are sent back to the cloud, identifying the technician using the device and storing any media they’ve recorded in the field.