InfraMarker System Advantages


A Connected RFID™ infrastructure provides a host of benefits over conventional methods of marking, locating and managing utility assets.


  •  Improved speed and accuracy of asset locating.

    As demonstrated by a study conducted by Auburn University the InfraMarker system components for locating (GPS, visual reference, and magnetic locating) improve the speed and accuracy of asset location by as much as 5 times. Accurate location results in lower cost of labor, fewer delays in construction projects, and greater productivity of infrastructure management resources. 

  •  No hassle hardware

    The InfraMarker Solution Suite makes locating fast and easy using just a few key pieces of equipment, which give operators a smaller, more convenient alternative to traditionally heavy equipment. This results in greater speed, productivity, and field comfort.  

  • One frequency. Multiple utilities. 

    The field technician can easily mark or locate many different types of utilities without having to have different tags for each utility type.  This provides a speed and inventory advantage over other systems that require the locator to select different tags or frequencies to identify the asset. 
  • Write tags where & when you want 

    The InfraMarker allows the user to write the tag at the location. This maximizes flexibility for the field technician and reduces errors by configuring the tag location and ID information at the spot of installation. Users can still write tags in the office if they choose.  
  • Mark above & below ground assets

    InfraMarker supports infrastructure tracking using underground tags or above ground InfraMarker-enabled markers. This allows the customer to mark underground assets without having to wait for assets to be uncovered and marked. You can realize the benefits of infrastructure marking faster (with temporary tags) while taking the time to uncover and mark all underground infrastructure. 
  • Real-time field to office connection

    Since InfraMarker is cloud based, data written or read in the field is available on the InfraMarker site immediately. Having instant access to data can reduce costly install errors and provide an up-to-date project status. 

  • Cost effective infrastructure mapping 

    Import the asset data into your own GIS system, or InfraMarker can be used as a  low-cost infrastructure management alternative for those that do not have more complex asset management systems in place.  

  • Auditable system support 

    The InfraMarker system logs the location, date, and key asset information to populate the company GIS and provides physical verification in the field without having to dig for the asset. InfraMarker provides access control to the asset location and has redundant systems in place to let the customer know who has read the tag. InfraMarker has a cloud backup system in place and can restore a customer’s data in the event of data loss 

  • Long-term, safe and reliable marking. 

    InfraMarker tags can last decades, do not emit any power until interrogated by a reader, are FCC certified, and environmentally safe.