InfraMarker Mark, Map & Manage Assets

InfraMarker® –The Connected RFID™ Marking Solution.

The speed and precision of magnetic location with the security of RFID identification

The patented InfraMarker System combines RFID, magnetic locating, cloud data management, and geo-locating software to mark, locate, and manage asset points. Built to support all subsurface systems such as gas, electric, water, fiber-optic, and cable, the InfraMarker system offers a unique solution to underground and above ground asset management. 

Marking an asset is easier than ever.

No bulky equipment to carry. No requirement to write RFID tags in the office. No need to carry different tags. Just put the InfraMarker tag over the underground asset point to be marked, write the tag in the field using standard iOS or Android smart devices and the InfraMarker RFID reader, and backfill over the tag.    

Locating marked assets is faster and more reliable than ever.

InfraMarker field equipment is lighter and easier to use in the field than comparable underground marking systems. We combine four different methods - GPS, visual identification, magnetic locating, and RFID reading - to provide the fastest and most reliable RFID locating system in operation today.  

Managing your data is faster and more useful than ever.

No need to carry the field computer back to the office.  The data written to the tag in the field is automatically sent to the InfraMarker cloud and immediately available for viewing, editing, and appending. The InfraMarker 3-level data management system balances privacy and transparency while offering an almost unlimited amount of information that can be assigned to the record. Data is easily exported to the customer’s asset management system or the customer can upload geo-data to the InfraMarker record.   

In the field or in the office, InfraMarker will manage your underground assets quickly and easily. 

Patent 9,235,823. Other patents pending