Your integrated underground
    marking and tracking solution
  • MARK. MAP.
    Read and write underground
    asset data from anywhere
  • MARK. MAP.
    Never lose track of a below
    ground asset again
  • MARK. MAP.
    Easily integrated into your GIS system,
    audit ready and expandable

NEW InfraMarker 3.0 Smartphone App

  • Rapid Asset Creation

    Unique assets can be created in a matter of seconds using customized templates, user friendly data collector fields, and automated geo-locating functionality.

  • User Data Sharing

    Users can now be invited to access other accounts. You can switch between these different accounts on your phone to add or edit information for another user.

  • No Hassle Hardware

    Using Bluetooth technology, the UHF reader is quickly linked to your phone allowing you to read and write information to your RFID tag.

ImfraMarker smartphone app map
  • Asset Organization

    With data filtering and search tools, you can specify which assets or types of assets you wish to view, either as points on a map or in an organized list.

  • Easy Navigation

    Each asset that is created has the ability to provide directions to the asset on your phone by using the "navigate to asset" tool.

  • Multimedia Integration

    InfraMarker® allows you to view documents and web links that have been uploaded to an asset as well as add photos and videos right from your phone.